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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It was just few years ago when we opened our first ever R.A. Gapuz Manila Branch. Then we established our first mall based review branch at SM Manila, then a year after that, the opening of our Ever Gotesco Mall Branch. Now, we are adding another milestone in our 17 years of service for the Filipino Nurses, we are opening our third branch in Metro Manila - R.A. Gapuz SM City North EDSA Branch.

Visit us at 3rd Fl. Northlink Bldg. SM North EDSA Quezon City.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ray Gapuz Weight loss Secrets by: ZUNIC

In 1997, Ray A. Gapuz weighed 196 pounds and was having an increasingly difficult time looking for shirts that could accommodate his 42-inc belly and size 12-14 XL Frame. Over the years, he would try different diets and make frequent visits to the gym, but would gain back all the pounds he lost within a short time. With his hands-on approach to business and various traveling engagements, he couldn’t afford the regularity that the diets and gym memberships required. So much that although his career was flourishing, it seemed that Ray was doomed to remain an XL size.
Fast forward to November 2007. Ray comes across a newspaper article about zunic, a new slimming facility that promised a safer, painless, and easier alternative to losing weight. He is thrilled to know that Zunic incorporated medically-sound processed in their methodology. He admits, “With my medical field background, it was both refreshing and comforting to see a slimming facility that was scientifically credible. I knew I had to give Zunic a try.”
He immediately set an appointment with Zunic’s Makati Center and after discussing his own personalized program with trained medical staff, he scheduled his first treatment right away.
Ten years into his battle with the bulge, Ray was finally determined to shed off the extra weight. Assured that his safe, non-invasive, and virtually painless treatments required no strenuous physical effort but would produce visible results in as little as 45 minutes, Ray vigilantly underwent a combined regimen of Contourage , Metabolique, AccuTone, Firmage, PureLase, CelluFree, CelluAvant, and UltraLift Six weeks later, he had lost 53 pounds and was sporting a fabulous 32-inch waistline.
His students, family and friends were delighted. Some colleagues couldn’t believe that he lost all the weight without going under the knife. But Ray had no surgical scars whatsoever, and just recommended Zunic to all the non-believers so they could try it out for themselves.
But above all, Ray himself was amazed. Zunic was able to fulfill everything they promised, delivering all his weight-loss goals within the timeline he specified and proving that their treatments were indeed effective, safe and painless. With results that he could immediately feel and see, he always left Zunic feeling every good about himself.
True enough, everyone who has recently seen Ray A. Gapuz cannot help but comment on his complete transformation, from his original XL-sized 96-pound frame and 43-inch waistline, Ray lost a total of 53 pounds and 11 inches around the waist, and now weights 143 pounds,, shirt size: Medium, jeans size 32. Six painless weeks at Zunic achived what ten years of traditional weight loss methods could not. No doubt, when Ray waltzes back into his favorite shirt store, whatever clothing he selects to his liking will fit.

After all, from ill-fitting size 12-14 shirts, he is now a slim and easy size 3. And all this, thanks to Zunic.
Visit Zunic today at any of their three branches for a free confidential consultation:

News Article:
Philippine Daily Inquirer (Lifestyle Arts & Books)
Monday, September 29, 2008